Ultra Fractal 6Ultra Fractal 6
Ultra Fractal 6.04
Ultra Fractal 6.04

Ultra Fractal 6 A program that allows you to create images of fractal sets, as well as perform their animation. The process of building images is determined by a set of algorithms describing the types of rendered fractals, methods of their coloring and transformations applied to them.

Create stunning fractal images or psychedelic animations based on variations of the Mandelbrot set and export your work to various file types

What’s new in Ultra Fractal 6.04:
What’s new in Ultra Fractal 6.04:
Fixed a crash with some graphics drivers on Windows with OpenGL acceleration enabled.
Fixed various issues on Windows with 150% DPI scaling.
Fixed various problems in macOS 11 (Big Sur): the buttons in the layers list wouldn’t turn off, and items in some lists were not drawn correctly.
Digital art comes under various forms. Whether it’s a 3D polished object that gets the audience’s attention or a bunch of pixels placed in a retro style poster, these are created with powerful applications and beefy computers. Dedicated to a form heavily based on math and strong algorithms, Ultra Fractal lets you create images or animations from variations of the Mandelbrot set.

Use various external resources
Some time needs to be spent going through all the application puts at your disposal. Starting from a simple representation of the Mandelbrot set you can zoom in on any region for an infinite number of times. Colors can be managed, with a side panel holding various tools and general options. You also find a progress bar which is used to create animations by defining each frame.

File support is pretty impressive, both for import and export. Formats you can add are not only images and fractals, but also parameters, gradients, transformations, formulas and more. On the other hand, export is a bit easier, with options for pictures and even video.

Large variety of configurations
If you’ve never taken the time to enjoy the unlimited images that can be generated from a Mandelbrot set, then this is mostly how you get to spend the first few minutes. If not, there’s a rich panel fitted with properties that let you thoroughly manage layers, properties, mode, statistics and even a color cycling feature.

Easily create animations
As mentioned above, you can use the application to create animations. Don’t expect characters and interactions, not even sound. The overall effect is fully based on color and emerges you in a visual psychedelic experience, constantly zooming in or out of the set.

This is further enhanced by an option to cycle colors either in or out, which you set for multiple levels of zoom. The main window timeline can be enough for short animations, but you can bring up an advanced one to increase total time, manage layer placement and effects.

To sum it up
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Ultra Fractal is packed with a lot more than can be said in a few words. A lot of time is required, not to get acquainted with the abundance of features, but rather to experiment with all possibilities and decide on just the right frame, position and color option.

These algorithms are presented as text files written in a special programming language that supports such basic constructions as arrays, functions, cycles and classes. Such modular architecture allows the user not only to use already created algorithms by someone, but also to create their own. On the program website there are sections designed to help users exchange algorithms and get answers to their questions.

The uniqueness of the created images is ensured by the presence of a set of parameters in the algorithms, with which you can control the location of the fractal, the accuracy of calculations, the number of iterations and many others. One example of such setting is the change of gradient fill coefficients, which directly determines the color scheme of the created image.

Similar to the program Adobe Photoshop, Ultra Fractal can work with alpha channels, layers and masks, which allows you to easily combine different fragments of images.

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