DOWNLOAD Windows 11 Compatibility Checker 3.0 final [5/11/2024]

Windows 11 Compatibility Checker 2.3.2

Windows 11 Compatibility Checker 2.3.2 free

Windows 11 Compatibility Checker 3 check to see if your current hardware . And software configuration fulfills the requirements of the upcoming release of the Windows OS
What’s new in Windows 11 Compatibility Checker 2.3.2:

Software fixed an issue where the TPM check might unexpectedly. Because  it show that the TPM is not enabled even when it is (credits to ThePhOeNiX810815).
It fixed an issue where the GPU checks might incorrectly show results . When you have more than one GPU (credits to ThePhOeNiX810815).


The newest iteration of the Windows operating system launched by the end of 2021, as Microsoft announced.

With Windows 11 is already on the way, it’s only natural for you to wonder . If your computer’s hardware specifications meet the minimum requirements of the next generation of Windows.

Without the minimum specifications Windows 11 needs, you will not be able to upgrade the OS.

While you could look the specifications manually. There are also small applications out . There ready to check the Windows 11 compatibility for you .

And provide information on the changes to make in order to run the new OS. One of them suggestively called Windows 11 Compatibility Checker.

Is your machine ready for Windows 11?

The Windows 11 operating system will not run on any machine. And its requirements are already available for the public.

In essence, what the Windows 11 Compatibility Checker does is check the specifications of your compute . And compare them with the minimum requirements of Windows 11.

The comparison results shown within its main window. Each having either a green checkmark . Or a red “X” icon to show you where the machine is lacking.

What specifications are checked?

Windows 11 Compatibility Checker provides the compatibility test results at a glance.

It starts with the processor type and model. The RAM memory and the GPU, the CPU architecture and the BIOS mode.

Secure boot is also a requirement, and so is the TPM.

The screen resolution and the available free storage aslo verified, as Windows 11 needs at least 64GB to be installed.

Open-source Windows 11 compatibility checker

Windows 11 Compatibility Checker is one of the many applicationsthat provide a compatibility test for the Windows 11 requirements.

What makes this one stand out from the crowd is its open-source license. Because its simplicity and its ease of use.

DOWNLOAD Windows 11 Compatibility Checker 3.0 Final || 2.59 MB


Windows 11 Compatibility Checker 2.5 Final || 7.5 MB


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