winnc 9.8winnc 9.8

WinNc 9 is a powerful file manager that can be a great replacement for the standard Windows Explorer. WinNc uses the same keyboard and mouse functionality as the DOS version of the file manager, Norton Commander. The program gives you convenient access to various local and FTP servers, local disks, etc., thanks to a split-window interface.

WinNc is an application that brings you great utilities with the ability to manage all data on your computer. In particular, the tool integrates many outstanding features to manage files and folders most effectively.

WinNc provides users with the ability to effectively manage all hard drive data on the computer. Moreover, the utility provides a full range of basic and useful features to help you manage your data at its best.

Thanks to WinNc all the data on your computer is classified and arranged scientifically. In addition, WinNc allows users to copy, cut, move, delete, edit, drag and drop files, display thumbnail images, compress and decompress, …

The WinNc program is capable of working with the most common file, archive formats, and has a built-in FTP client. As an added feature, the program allows you to convert WAV to MP3, burn files to disc and more.

Features of WinNc
Standard and advanced file management
Show file copy and move speed
Integrated viewer for 21 graphic file types
2 independent windows for viewing file list
Supports 12 file compression standards
Ability to write files to disk
Integrated FTP client
Copy audio disc
Create tabs of favorites folders
Play videos and MP3s
Create self-extracting archives
Show system information Show submission
slideshow and image thumbnails
File comparison function
Fast compression and sending files directly from the program
Folder and file synchronization function
WinNc Final update content
The Problem Confirmation dialog box
DPI – DPI Mode (Off mode)
Small interface bug fixes

Main features of WinNc:

  • Manage all hard drive data on the computer efficiently.
  • Data on your computer is classified and scientifically sorted.
  • Copy, cut, move, delete, edit, drag and drop files, display thumbnail images, compress and decompress, …
  • Compress and decompress many popular formats such as ZIP, RAR, ACE, TAR, … or create compressed exe files (automatically extract).
  • Play MP3, audio or convert WAV file format to MP3.
  • Connect to FTP protocol to upload data files to the internet.
    WinNc  FILE SETUP 32 and 64 bit +CRACK | 38.7 MB


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