Zalo PC 21.5.10Zalo PC 21.5.1

Zalo PC 21 is a chat software of Vietnamese people trusted by many users today, supporting messaging, sharing files, supporting video calls, creating online meetings with the best sound image quality. It child provides user’s file transfer account on PC for you to share files and data safely and effectively.

It is one of the effective chat software and is used by many people today, young people often choose to download Zalo on computers and phones to text, share photos, video calls to each other instead of downloading Skype. , Messenger on PC because the image size is kept sharp and shared very quickly. Along with Zalo, Skype is also popular with office users thanks to its private chat and group chat features, especially Skype has a lot of tools to support teamwork and high security.

1.1. Some notable points in Zalo PC version 21

  • Add feature Hide chat, messages

1.2. Zalo Support PC, Mobile

Zalo is a free messaging application that works on both computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) . And mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) platforms . And is a chat software created by Vietnamese people since its launch. was warmly received by young people. Not only fully integrate the necessary features of a chat tool such as text messaging, voice messages, calling and video calling… but the developer also perfects and develops these features. So that it becomes the best, best serving the needs of users. So far, this social network has been in the top of the dominant software in the Vietnamese market in terms of free messaging utilities, leaving behind a series of big competitors from abroad.

First of all, when it comes to the messaging function, downloading Zalo apk to your phone . Or computer platform all has super fast messaging speed, accompanied by the status of receiving and reading messages (sent, received or viewed). To Do you know if your message has read? Even in conditions of unstable network connection, Zalo for pc also brings satisfaction to users when chatting with messages, while Skype if the network connection is unstable, the message will stay in the same state. “spinning” brings an extremely uncomfortable feeling or some other applications report failed sending messages.

1.3. Social networks and more.

Download Zalo PC also acts as a social network, but it is very strict in selecting news, so you will minimize the troublesome harassment from the community, especially strangers. This application has many advantages over Facebook, such as sending high-quality HD photos without shrinking or breaking the image, reducing the resolution as above when downloading or sending on facebook, or it helps you share good music by recording with a microphone and sending it to friends or joining groups to chat with each other. In the past, chatting with strangers on Zalo very popular, helping people connect. And  acquainted with many friends across the country.

1.4. Zavi Meeting

The feature of creating an online video meeting Zavi Meeting has updated to the latest. So that everyone can both exchange work and teach online, just download the latest version of Zalo today, we can all create our own. and participate in meetings in the company, a group to exchange work or study.

You can set up a Zalo pc account to serve your sales or brand promotion, and reach out to many potential customers. This social network now also integrates modern functions, updating trends and market needs, such as Livestream support, buying airline tickets and updating flight itinerary, checking the status of records and Bus itinerary, look up electricity and water usage, make an appointment with a doctor.

Users who enter Zalo by computer can search for files, photos and links in their multimedia store. Moreover, the utility also displays the last 5 searched phone numbers, showing strangers who have chatted with you to save considerable time and effort. In this new version, it also adds advanced features such as watching videos while chatting, suggesting sending files when texting friends, smoother and faster PC video calls…

Zalo PC 22.3.1 free for windows || 89.4 MB


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