Trend Micro Antivirus 15.0.1204 all version [4/6/2022]

Trend Micro Antivirus+ provides real-time cloud-based protection, displaying warnings before user access links that are considered dangerous, whether it is in user mailbox, a web browser or an instant messaging client.

The application represents an antivirus solution that can protect computers from various threats, specially designed to meet demands in both work and business environments.

The application displays a clear security report, where a user can view the number of scanned files, the detected threat types, and the scanning history.
Trend Micro Antivirus+ can scan for malware when opening, saving or downloading files and detect any unauthorized change made by a program to the system settings. Furthermore, it examines for suspicious behavior at system start and can be set to remove the files that can threaten user security automatically.

It comes with script blocking capabilities for multiple web browsers, spam filtering, and attachment scanning options, as well as a detector for potentially unsafe networks or hijacking attempts. Users can adjust the protection level to meet their needs, schedule full or quick scans and set file and folder exceptions. Trend Micro Antivirus+ aims to help user protect the computer against identity theft and other online threats. It is a proactive security application that can reveal phishing scams, providing the necessary features for blocking threats before they reach the user system.

Trend Micro Internet Security is an antivirus tool that aims to protect user files, folders, and system information from malicious activity. With the application, a user can control how much private, and personal data exposed online, optimizes computer performance and blocks viruses and dangerous links. Parental Control is an option that allows to set up separate Windows user accounts with limitations for children. A user can manually or automatically (according to the child’s age) disable their access to various types of online content.

Scanning can be done either quick, full, or custom. A full scan takes a long while to complete, but the antivirus tool seems to work very thoroughly. Furthermore, a user can configure the software to scan for threats when opening, saving or downloading files, to schedule a scan, and others. CPU and memory resources are reasonably used, so user computer  have any problems running it.

Trend Micro Maximum Security is a straightforward and complete software solution worth having . when a user needs to protect a computer against viruses, malware, Trojans . And any other threats lurking on the Internet. With the help of this application, a user can identify dangerous links in websites and social networks, safeguard private messages and data against e-mail phishing scams, blocks viruses and hazardous links, as well as optimize computer performance and restricts or filters kids’ access to websites. Trend Micro Maximum Security will automatically block any site or link that might harm user computer and personal data.

It highlights the bad websites while keeping user safe from identity thieves and malicious sites. It scans the link and displays a green arrow in case the website is safe. The ‘Data’ section prevents hackers and spyware from stealing sensitive data such as credit card numbers and bank accounts. It can also stop children from accidentally sending out important data through e-mail. After setting up a new password, a user can stop personal data from going into web pages and e-mail messages or untrustworthy websites. Just use the provided categories or create owns.

By using Trend Micro, Maximum Security user can restrict or filter website access for kids. By navigating to the Family tab, a user can limit their time on the Internet. And it prevent specific programs from running at a particular time and generate detailed reports about what they accessed while they were online. Just choose the appropriate filters, set the time limits, then manage how and when the family uses the web and programs on a computer.

System requirements:
Microsoft® Windows® 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later;
Microsoft® Windows® 8 and 8.1 (Windows 8.1 still supported);
Or Microsoft® Windows® 10 (Windows 10 S and ARM Processors not recommended).

Windows 10 and 8 Family: CPU 1 GHz, Memory 1GB (32-bit)/2GB (64-bit), Disk Space 1.3GB (1.5GB recommended);
Windows 7 SP1 and Vista SP2 and higher Family: CPU 800 MHz (1 GHz recommended). Memory 1GB (32-bit)/2GB (64-bit) And Disk Space 1.3GB (1.5GB recommended);
Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0, 10.0, 11.0;
High-color display with a resolution of 800×480 pixels or above; (Desktop), 1024×768 or above (Windows Store), 1366×768 or above (Snap View);
PDF Reader: Any.
Internet Speed: Broadband or equivalent recommended.


Trend Micro Antivirus 15.0.1204 all version ||472.3 MB


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