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controlmymonitor 1.35

ControlMyMonitor 1.35 free download [2/8/2022]

ControlMyMonitor 1 allows you view and modify the settings of your monitor (Also known as ‘VCP Features’), like brightness, contrast, sharpness, red/green/blue color balance, OSD Language, Input Port (VGA , DVI , HDMI) and more… You can modify the monitor settings from the GUI and from command-line. You can also export all settings of your […]

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TheAeroClock 7.71

TheAeroClock 7.71 32 and 64 bit portable [2/4/2022]

TheAeroClock 7 is software that helps create and display accurate clocks right on your computer screen. TheAeroClock is a simple clock that displays your current system time as an analog clock display (with optional seconds hand) on the desktop. You can adjust the size and transparency of the clock and choose from several textures to

TheAeroClock 7.71 32 and 64 bit portable [2/4/2022] Read More »

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