TheAeroClock 7.71TheAeroClock 7.71
TheAeroClock 7.71
TheAeroClock 7.71
TheAeroClock 7 is software that helps create and display accurate clocks right on your computer screen.

TheAeroClock is a simple clock that displays your current system time as an analog clock display (with optional seconds hand) on the desktop. You can adjust the size and transparency of the clock and choose from several textures to customize the watch display.

The program includes a small icon on the Taskbar. You can launch The Aero Clock’s console to choose the clock style and size. This process is not difficult, but the computer must be in Aero mode.

Features of TheAeroClock
Accurate time display
Beautify computer desktop background
Uses less system resources (almost no impact on the computer)
Easily move anywhere on the computer screen
Customize the clock
Supports multiple languages.

The Aero Clock User Manual

Open the desktop clock. For the first time, you will see desktop clock options. Then select the desired texture.
Open the software, go to the desktop clock on Windows and adjust the clock size.
You can change the clock settings at any time via the To-Tray icon in the Windows Desktop Taskbar.

TheAeroClock – Program History
New in version 7.71 // 2 February 2022
• Important update of the language files in the analog desktop clock for MS Windows OS
• Improvements in the Aero Desktop Clock rendering engine

TheAeroClock 7.71 32 and 64 bit portable || 3.2 MB


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