3-Heights-PDF-Desktop-Repair-Tool 6
3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool x64
3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool x64

3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool 6 is software that detects and repairs damaged PDF documents avoiding errors in PDF and finding ways to recover them. Incorrect PDF creation or manipulation, faulty FTP transfers, system crashes during creation, network interruptions, or incomplete copying can all render PDF documents unreadable. This can lead to the loss of important data and, therefore, loss of information or production downtime. Therefore, using a software like 3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool is essential for the job.

Analyze, repair and restore the content of corrupt PDF documents, then save the recovered information to a separate file on your PC

PDF is a highly popular file format, mostly due to the varied and numerous types of objects it can incorporate. And this is why people are willing to go to great lengths to repair their PDF files when they get corrupted, and this is also the purpose of 3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool.

Basic, straightforward GUI
This software solution comes with an intuitive and clutter-free graphic interface, thus helping you focus on fixing your document rather than navigate among countless buttons or menus. However, drag and drop actions are not supported, so you need to manually browse to the location of your PDF file and load it.

Next, you need to stand by while the app your document and displays the result. Depending on the severity of detected errors, 3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool can either fix your file or it might be able to recover its contents, even if the file itself cannot be corrupt.

Customize the recovery options
You are offered the chance to tinker with the parameters of the recovery and analysis processes, yet it is best to leave them to their default settings if you are a PC novice.

More specifically, you can set the app to analyze the objects, the pages or the contents, while recovering XREF or lost pages. Additionally, you can set the utility to rebuild the streams, the fonts or the fonts as Type1.

Reliable PDF repair
All in all, 3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool can help you retrieve the contents of your damaged or corrupted PDF files without too much effort or hassle on your part. No computer skills are required to load a source document (only one file can be reviewed at a time), analyze it, then save the output file to the location and filename you specify

3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool software will analyze PDF documents relative to PDF specifications and repair them as specified. It extracts readable content such as images or page fragments from irreparable documents and saves the data as a new document.

3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool ensures the quality and readability of PDF documents in all business processes. This component is characterized by high speed, comprehensive mechanism for analysis and repair and its suitability for a wide range of operating systems.

Features 3-Heights PDF Desktop Repair Tool
High sensitivity in detecting corruption
Comprehensive repair function
Recover existing data from invalid documents
High recovery rate
Define custom repair profiles for different output documents

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