BackToCAD CADdirect 2022

CADdirect 2022 Pro 3D v10.1a 64 bit Free download [7/15/2021]

CADdirect 2022 Pro 3D v.10.0
CADdirect 2022 Pro 3D v.10.0

CADdirect 2022 greatly reduces the time and effort it takes to create and revise drawings. Not only can you produce accurate drawings faster, you can also reuse the information in your drawings. These are the primary reasons for making the transition to CAD from traditional, manual drafting on paper.
BackToCAD CADdirect 2022 is a very powerful application for processing 2D / 3D CAD drawings i.e. DWG files provide many powerful options and features.

A powerful application for 2D and 3D CAD design, BackToCAD CADdirect 2022 v10.0j provides a complete set of tools for processing DWG files from 2000-2021. It provides full compatibility with AutoCAD 2D and 3D as well as provides complete 3D ACIS Solid support for Boolean creation and operations. This powerful application comes with DWG and DXF file format support and allows users to import with Raster to Vector and OCR conversion features. Full support for 2D and 3D PDF publishing features along with 3D PDF templates.

Import AutoCAD menus, Toolboards, Styles, Fonts, and many other powerful features and options. This powerful app comes with support for standard LISP, Script and C ++ interfaces. Works with English, Spanish and German interfaces. Create new 2D drawings, using layers, polygonal lines, construction lines, editing functions, and many other powerful options. Its dimensioning and measurement features along with a host of other powerful features make it a reliable CAD processing application.

BackToCAD CADdirect 2022 feature

Professional 2D and 3D CAD system for handling DWG files
Simple and straightforward application with self-explanatory options
Support for creating new 2D drawings and layers with support for building lines
Provides support for standard LISP, Script, and C ++ interfaces
Supports working with English, Spanish and German languages
Support importing PDF with Raster 2 Vector and OCR on PDF image
Publish in 2D or 3D with 3D PDF Templates ready
Import AutoCAD menus, tool panels, styles and fonts, and more.
Supports working with different types of projects
Supports command line, line building and editing features
Measure and measure features along with script features
Many other powerful options and features
You can also download BackToCAD Print2CAD 2022 from icongnghe
Configure BackToCAD CADdirect 2022
Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP
Free hard disk space: 1 GB of free hard disk space minimum
Memory installed: 1 GB minimum RAM
Processor: Intel multi-core processor or higher

CADdirect 2022 Pro 3D v.10.1a 64bit Full  |276.3 MB


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