O&O DiskImage Pro 16.1 Build 196O&O DiskImage Pro 16.1 Build 196
O&O DiskImage Professional 16.1 Build 196
O&O DiskImage Professional 16.1 Build 196

O&O DiskImage Pro 16 is a comprehensive and efficient data backup software provided to protect the data of a computer system, it creates images for individual drives or the entire system without any impact. Your system.

O&O DiskImage is a powerful disk imaging software that allows you to back up an entire computer or a file whenever you want. O&O DiskImage is an advanced system and file backup utility that allows you to back up system, files, folders, partitions, drives or entire computer. It allows you to backup photos, mirror, duplicate or even restore backup to a computer with different hardware from the original computer. You will never have to worry about lost data, the program will help you quickly recover selected important data, even if the images are of a different version, and more.

O&O DiskImage Pro allows users to back up the entire computer or drive the kernel and files whenever they want, even when the computer is in use. Or you can use O&O DiskImage Pro to create an exact copy of your computer’s drive, which can be used instead of the original disk for faster access.

Features O&O DiskImage Pro
Creates images while the system is running
Image creation method for all needs
Clone the drive for use as the original disc
Using virtual drive instead of the original drive with fast access speed
Ensuring safety of data
Support to restore data on the system

O&O DiskImage Pro 17.4 Build 462 FULL | 92.5 MB


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