MKVToolnix 57.0.00
MKVToolnix 57.0.0
MKVToolnix 57.0.0

MKVToolnix 66 is ​​a software that supports video editing such as cutting or joining videos together to create a complete and unique video. It helps you cut interesting scenes in videos to create short clips that will impress others. In addition, you can also combine multiple videos together to create a single quality video, receiving great attention from viewers.

MKVToolnix allows you to customize and manage the cut or concatenated MKV files efficiently, such as: rename files, tag, select languages, etc. With this feature, you can easily identify and locate them. file to avoid file loss. MKVToolnix has a fairly fast file splicing speed, safe splicing and you can get satisfactory results when processing the program. The file cutting can be done by dividing the file into parts of equal size or determining the beginning and end points for each segment before cutting. When concatenating files, there may be a time mismatch.

Features of MKVToolnix
Supports splitting MKV files to reduce file size below 4.3GB.
MKVToolnix also has the ability to remove, add extra subtitles or the audio you specify
Can merge split files quickly.
MKVToolnix helps you to process MKV format videos
Allows customization and management of split files: renaming files, tagging, language selection…
MKVToolnix allows you to efficiently customize and manage your cut or concatenated MKV files
Compact size, fast and efficient information processing speed.

Can handle MKV file sizes up to 12GB.

Version 65.0.0 "Too Much" 2022-02-06

## New features and enhancements

* mkvmerge: the options `--default-track` and `--forced-track` have been
  renamed to `--default-track-flag` and `--forced-display-flag` respectively
  for improved consistency with other option names & the wording used in the
  GUI. However, the old names will be supported and recognized
  indefinitely. What will remain unchanged is the property names for those
  flags in mkvmerge's identification output. Existing third-party programs
  will continue working as they are.
* mkvmerge: added a new option `--track-enabled-flag` to set or unset the
  "track enabled" track header flag.
* mkvmerge: MP4 reader: `mkvmerge` will now evaluate the `flags` field of the
  track header atom (`tkhd`) and set the track's "enabled" flag
  accordingly. Implements #3272.
* MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer: added support for the "track enabled" track
  header flag.
* MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer, header editor: added several menu entries &
  keyboard shortcuts for toggling various track flags of the currently
  selected tracks, e.g. `Ctrl+Alt+F, D` (that's `Ctrl` and `Alt` with `F`
  simultaneously followed by `D` without any other key pressed) for toggling
  the "default track" flag. Part of the implementation of #3253.
* MKVToolNix GUI: multiplexer, header editor: added menu entries & keyboard
  shortcuts for setting the language of the currently selected tracks to one
  from a configurable list of languages. The shortcuts used are `Ctrl+Alt+A,
  1` through `Ctrl+Alt+A, 0` for the first ten entries of that list (that's
  `Ctrl` and `Alt` with `A` simultaneously followed by a digit without any
  other key pressed). Part of the implementation of #3253.
* MKVToolNix GUI: chapter editor: if the user enters commas in start or end
  timestamps they will automatically be changed to points as the decimal
  separator, allowing for easier copy & paste from other
  programs/sources. Implements #3273.
* MKVToolNix: header editor: the selected track or attached file can now be
  moved up & down with the keyboard shortcuts `Ctrl+Up` & `Ctrl+Down`
  respectively. Part of the implementation of #3253.

Bug fixes

* mkvmerge: Matroska reader: DVB subtitle tracks with a codec private data
  size of more than five bytes are accepted now, too. Fixes #3258.

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