EmEditor Pro 20.7.2EmEditor Pro 20.7.2
Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 20.7.2
Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 20.7.2

EmEditor Pro 20 – professional version of a powerful text editor for programmers, web developers and ordinary users with syntax illumination and Unicode support. Editor features like search and replace in files using regular expressions, autodetect codes, highlight links and email addresses, block selection mode, configure button bar, menus, fonts and color elements. For each language you can configure it separately.

Many developers prefer to use a simple text editor instead of a specialized development environment, for reasons of simplicity, general code viewing, and the speed with which a file can be edited.

EmEditor is a text editor for Windows that has been adapted for developers, adding specific programming-related functions to the simplicity of a normal text editor.

Some of these functions include text highlighting, custom syntax and interface configurations, an integrated file browser, macro support, and the ability to add new features using its plugin system. Supported languages ​​are HTML, ASP, PHP, Javascript, and VBScript, among others.

All of this makes EmEditor an attractive alternative to traditional text editors.

EmEditor Professional is the perfect tool for turning your ideas and programming into finished documents with speed and efficiency.

EmEditor Professional launches quickly and runs smoothly. Every time EmEditor’s launch, file open and search/replace speeds surpass most other text editors.

The multi-encoding and language features of EmEditor gives you access to the versatility you need. EmEditor Professional is capable of opening very large files(up to 248GB or 2.1 billion lines); with only little memory, leaving you free to work as large or small as you please.

Fast text editor that helps you edit simple text or C++, Java, HTML, Perl and Python data, install additional plugins, handle large files and compare documents

What’s new in Portable EmEditor Professional 20.7.2:
Fixed a v20.6-20.7 bug where the Updater failed to install a newer version if the EmEditor install path includes a space (read the bold sentence below to overcome this issue).
Fixed a v20.7 bug where repeating VBScript macros might crash EmEditor.
Fixed a v20.7 bug where the TAB was invisible in TSV while the Cell selection mode is off (DirectWrite off).
Fixed a v20.7 bug where the TAB was visible in TSV while the Cell selection mode is on (DirectWrite on).
Portable EmEditor Professional is a lightweight text editor that delivers smart tools for processing coding text (syntax highlighting, document comparison, regular expressions), works with large files using multi-threaded performance, as well as offers support for plugins and scriptable macros.

Portable edition
This is the portable version of the utility, which can be deployed on your system by simply running the EXE file. No Windows registry entries and other leftover files are stored on your PC. You may opt for copying it on a USB flash drive or other storage devices and take it with you.

User interface
Portable EmEditor Professional sports clean looks and reveals a well-organized suite of features. It’s up to you if you want to add more parameters in the main window or hide them from your view.

You can show or conceal line numbers, ruler, marks, several toolbars (e.g. Plug-ins, Macros, Tools, HTML, Find, Filter), large file controller, output panel, and other items as well. In addition, you may activate the full screen mode.

The multi-tabbed layout offers you the freedom to work with different text documents at the same time and easily switch between them.

GUI customization options, quick launch and markers
The program allows you to alter the overall looks of the layout by modifying backgrounds, toolbars and icons using themes, colors and fonts.

The quick launch mode helps you perform fast searches in order to access commands, plugins, macros, external tools, recently used files and other options, while markers are used for highlighting custom data in your documents (you may change the colors and set up matching parameters).

In case you are working on a long project, you can save your working environment, including opened files, preferences, bookmarks and undo history.

Text editing features
Portable EmEditor Professional gives you the possibility to type a simple text or write code using different programming languages, such as C++, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Perl, Python, XML, Ruby, SQL and TeX.

Furthermore, you are allowed to create your own customized highlighting rules, enable the syntax highlighting feature, make changes to different locations in your document using the multiple selection mode (eg rename variables, enter data), compare documents side-by-side (with synchronized scrolling and highlighted differences), as well as find and replace data using regular expressions.


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