HomeGuard Professional

HomeGuard Professional free download [7/27/2021]

HomeGuard Professional
HomeGuard Professional

HomeGuard Pro 9 is a powerful activity monitoring software created to help users monitor and control computer usage in the home and office. HomeGuard records web activity and automatically blocks all adult and inappropriate content on the site in addition to a customizable site block and allows listing and filtering based on file type.
HomeGuard Professional Edition Crack for tracking and controlling the activities when using computers at home and office networks are used, HomeGuard Professional Edition 9 storage activities in the web by computer users and blocking unethical and inappropriate content is able to keep a good internet space for children and family safe.
HomeGuard Professional Edition full Crack is able to provide a complete report of the use time, bandwidth used, run-time, click of the mouse. In addition, the possibility of taking pictures of the screen in consecutive time and set, control activities in chat and email and many others. This program without the ability to identify hidden default, but also has the ability to block at every opportunity by this program subject to the user

HomeGuard Professional Edition License Key Features
Great monitoring and monitoring
Get screenshot of a computer screen at predetermined intervals
Monitoring access to websites and blocking them
Monitor search of words in search engines
Monitor email and chat and block it
Creating time limits for using computer and Internet applications
Ability to monitor and prevent copying and deleting files
Clear reports submitted automatically after the time set by you
Monitor the use of USB drives and external hard drives
Monitor printed files
It also records detailed reports on usage of programs including active usage time, run time, bandwidth used, mouse clicks and keystrokes typed in each program with the option to block or time limit certain programs or games. Plus screen capture, transitively or based on specific activities, chat and email monitoring and filtering, printer and USB devices monitoring and blocking, Internet time restrictions, network connection monitoring and filtering, email notifications and more.
By default, HomeGuard Professional will function in completely stealth mode and cannot be detected by other users. However, it can also be set to display warnings to the user when activity is blocked


HomeGuard Professional || 29.3 MB



HomeGuard Professional || 29.3 MB

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