GIMP 2.10.24

GIMP 2.10.24 Free final version [5/9/2021]

Gimp 2.10.24
Gimp 2.10.24

GIMP 2 is an advanced image editor and image manipulation software often compared to Photoshop. It offers a lot of features, including advanced layer support, masks, filters, effects, and many more found in professional graphics programs.

GIMP (full name GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an image editing application with a rich system of features and additional plug-ins and extensions to give users the best image processing tools. GIMP also has the ability to restore old photos, render the best quality blurry photos, on an intuitive working interface.

GIMP has many special functions such as restoring old images, creating effects, joining photos … It is capable of editing and restoring images, processing array graphics, vector graphics, and editing support. Group photos, convert between multiple formats

GIMP supports high-quality photo editing on your computer, compared to other image editing software, GIMP has many special functions such as recovering old images, creating effects, collage … If you Not familiar with Photoshop, GIMP is also a perfect replacement for popular graphic design software.

GIMP also provides users plug-in to unify GIMP images for editing and editing photos under the main window.

GIMP is an application capable of editing and restoring images, processing array graphics, vector graphics, and also supports group image editing, converting between many image formats. The program has an easy-to-customize interface, allowing users to choose the tasks they want, using widgets to change colors, tools in the toolbox, a full-screen image view to preview works. Images will be comprehensively enhanced in quality after being processed through the program.

Similar to Gimp Paint Studio for Linux application also has many functions with the version for Windows, providing users with many basic and advanced photo editing features, in addition, Gimp Paint Studio for Linux also has modes. view photos, convert image formats.
Features of GIMP
Supported formats are quite rich such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, MNG, PCX, PDF, PNG, PS, PSD, SVG, TIFF, TGA, XPM, …
GIMP can work on many different operating systems: Windows, Linux …
Download GIMP you can easily edit and edit photos on PC ..
Support plug-in to unify GIMP images into the main window of the program.
High image processing speed and image quality guarantee.
GIMP is completely comparable with today’s professional graphics processing software such as Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator. Corel …

Updated on 2021-04-07: GIMP 2.10.24 installer revision 3
Backported GLib fix for very slow file dialogs (issue #913) and custom GTK2 fix for non-functional Wacom Airbrush finger wheel (issue #6394).

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