ImageGrab 6.3

ImageGrab 6.3.0 Free final version [3/16/2021]

ImageGrab 6.3.0
ImageGrab 6.3.0

ImageGrab 6.3 is a video image capture software so you can easily save great great footage or cute funny pictures in your favorite movies. ImageGrab is a free software that not only can be used to view video files, but also allows users to capture a series of photos from video files, and then select the best image to use.

After opening the video file, the interface of the software will be similar to that of a video player, with the file content above and the status bar below. Press the Play button to play the video file. You can also use the status bar to navigate to the video you want to extract images from.
ImageGrab, just like the name suggests, is an application created for extracting still images from a video file. In order for this to be achievable, the app uses various DirectX components. So, before anything else, make sure you’ve got these components installed and ready for action. Save the images in either .JPG or .BMP format. The capability of copying these images to a clipboard is also helpful especially if you’re attempting to integrate your resulting pictures into another app or project.

Old but functional interface
If you were expecting a polished, well-looking interface, you’ll be disappointed. Why? Mainly because the way this app looks is reminiscent of some older Windows operating systems. It’s not great, but it remains functional despite it looking old. The buttons and their purpose is clear by all means. The frame selection can be done from the main console area. It’s precise, meaning you’ll be able to grab accurate pictures even from the messiest of videos.

Naming and picture adjustment
ImageGrab also features options to adjust your pictures before saving. You can add certain messages or watermarks to the original video, before actually extracting any pics. Need a timestamp for a more realistic image? That can be arranged, no problem. The naming of the resulting pictures can also be altered according to your needs. Create a root phrase or use the name of the original video followed by the specific time of the saved frame. Don’t forget the most obvious of things; choosing an appropriate folder for saving your extracted images.

ImageGrab is not a complicated application. Its purpose is clear and so are its functions. You can’t mess things up, because there really is not much you have to know or understand before using it. In fact, it’s quite simple to play with it, and if you’re really desperate about extracting certain images from videos, then this program is probably one of your best bets.

Return to the interface on the left, use the slider to adjust the slide show video. When you reach the frame containing the image you want to extract, press the Stop button to pause it, then click on the ‘Extract and Save the current Images’ button (the button is circled in red in the illustration below), or press the button. F5 on the keyboard. In case you miss the desired frame, you can use the back and forth buttons to move to the correct position.

ImageGrab 6.3.0 Free final | 13.6 MB


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