Sharp World Clock 9.3

Sharp World Clock 9.3 KEY final version [3/17/2021]

Sharp World Clock 9.3
Sharp World Clock 9.3

Sharp World Clock 9 is a program designed to display world time. Allows you to set unlimited hours in a single row or as a table. The look of the watch may have a different design, as the watch can be digital or conventional, with a circular dial that can display the flag of the country and vary in size from very small full screen. The program supports many styles. Customizable list of cities in each country in the world. You can add, edit and edit cities

Features Sharp World Clock
Supports unlimited hours – digital and analog
Color and skin are fully customizable
World map with Earth shadow, sun symbol and state border updated
Flags of all countries of the world, if necessary, flags can be installed on the clock
Sunrise, sunset and moon every minute, no internet connection required
A unique “artificial sky” shows the position of the sun, length of day, and more.
Use a time zone converter and calculator
Built-in alarm clock for individual clocks using audio signals in MP3, WAV, WMA or MID format
Built-in calendar for each watch separately, using notes and reminders
Powerful RSS reader, for reading feeds, with news search functionality (over 60 rss feeds already included in the program)
Time synchronization with atomic clock and Internet time server
System tray clock hidden
Import and export support to save and transfer your settings.
Also, on Sharp World Clock you easily choose from a variety of date and time formats that you can individually apply to each clock. World map is supported with time zones, with the ability to view regions on Earth, where day or night, position of the sun, sunrise and sunset, calculate the phases of the moon. Time synchronization with atomic clock and time server via Internet.
Some key features of “Sharp World Clock”:

  • The number of clocks depends on your needs, can be arranged in lines or squares.
  • Comprehensive customization with a list of 200 countries and 400 cities (including all capitals in the world)
  • Add, change or delete items and select interest categories
  • Display time on analog or electronic clock
  • Tweak each clock in a variety of formats, including Swatch Beat, 12- or 24-hour time swapping
  • Choose the color or background color scheme you want (including 20 presets)
  • World map with shadow of earth and position of the sun
  • Accurate sunrise, sunset and moon phases
  • “Artifical sky” for each clock where you can see the position of the sun
  • Intelligent Low Daylight Time List (DST) with update from internet
  • Collapse mode to icon in the system bar
  • Flags are at the top of watch face
  • Time zone conversion – convert 1 time zone to another (date and time)
  • Alarm clock with 3 independent alarms (1 time or daily, silent or with sound)
  • Calendar with reminder function
  • Synchronize with the atomic clock via the Internet
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