Qimage Ultimate 2022.101 Final [8/27/2021]

Qimage Ultimate 2022.101

Qimage Ultimate 2022.101 enhances your images and edits them in a variety of ways, then prints them using custom layouts

What’s new in Qimage Ultimate 2022.101:

New UI Sound Dialog for full control of UI sounds (on/off each UI sound category separately)

New print position tool on Print tab allows selected prints on live view to be positioned or moved according to the quantity entered

Various improvements to the appearance of controls when using bright color program interfaces

Fix for Advanced Layout Tool to display only part of the printed page when using long (scroll) paper



Viewing and editing digital photos through a dedicated application is a common activity for many users. And proof of this is the large number of specialized programs available for these purposes.
Among them, a specialized utility called Qimage Ultimate will make it possible for anyone to download and modify images using various functions.

Through its beautiful interface, this tool provides quick access to all its features.
So you’ll be able to view your photos, personalize and enhance them, or send them to an existing printer.
The main window includes several areas containing thumbnail previews of files, folder trees, and print previews, with all relevant adjustments at your fingertips.

Right-clicking on any thumbstick brings up a comprehensive menu, which has a ton of actions at your disposal.
Thus, from image and file editing operations, you can even select hover actions, rate the selected photo or add it to an album.

To change the look of a selected photo, you have a wide selection of predefined filters. Or you can create new filters and save them so you can reuse them with other photos.
Qimage Ultimate’s editing module will allow you to improve the brightness. And contrast or sharpness, determines saturation, white balance, resolution and auto-correction parameters.

Customizing an application’s run options can take a few minutes. As there are many modifications that can brought to the user interface, printing, logging, color management, 3D imaging and RAW processing.

All things considered, Qimage Ultimate offers a pretty good package as far as functions are concerned. But the ease of use is somewhat diminished in many respects . And inexperienced users may have to take some time to learn how to use it properly.

Qimage Ultimate 2022.101 Full || 27.7 MB


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