TriSun WinExt Pro 22.0

TriSun WinExt Pro 22 is an application capable of locating and deleting duplicate files to free up disk space.

Because it identifies large resources to help you figure out what’s taking up so much space. Besides the software monitors folders for file activity and more.

TriSun WinExt Pro’s scans were quick to perform in our tests on Windows 10.
However, WinExt failed in many cases to correctly identify duplicate files, returning blank results pages instead.

Also, it was stuck in loading mode for a very long time after accessing the active section.

The software is wrapped in a clear and intuitive interface. Next to the program there are options neatly arranged in different areas.

So you can quickly access duplicates, sizes, recent activity or Windows. And batch operation, synchronous mode as well as program setting.

TriSun WinExt Pro Features and Functions

Wrapped in a clean and intuitive interface, the program has neatly organized options in different areas, so you can quickly access recent copies, sizes, activities or Windows, batch operation, synchronization mode, as well as program settings.
Find and remove duplicate files
Intricate details can added about the file search process. For example, you can ask WinExt to look at specific drives or folders, or search the entire hard disk. Furthermore, filters can set up for file size and type.
When the scan is complete, the tool shows the total number of objects scanned and finds duplicates, duration, and other data. Can save results to file, send items to Trash or just move them somewhere else and check file properties
View the largest resources and recently accessed files
The size section shows the size of all drives, folders, and files.

After scanning all the items, the largest ones will appear, giving you the opportunity to analyze them and find out if they are worth keeping.
The recents area filled with information around the last accessed files, including name, full path, size, access time, type, and last modified date.

If you don’t share your PC with others, this WinExt feature can help you find out what files accessed by Windows.

Speaking of Windows, its activity can checked to see what and where files created, edited or deleted.
Run batch operations and sync data
Certain types of operations can performed in batches with the help of WinExt. For example, you can send items to the Trash, permanently delete them from your computer, and copy or files to a common location.
The synchronization feature is useful for moving files back and forth between two folders until the folder contents are identical. This action can performed once (manually) or periodically (automatically, at a fixed time frequency).

Specifications and system requirements

Supported operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
Free hard disk space: 200 MB or more

TriSun WinExt Pro 22.0 Build 084 Full || 2.7 MB


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