Microsoft Office 2019
Microsoft office 2019 v16.0.13127.206160
Microsoft office 2019 v16.0.13127.206160

Microsoft Office 2019 is the latest version of the office suite from Microsoft to meet the needs of word processing, spreadsheet processing, and presentation creation of office users. In addition to a number of additional services, Office 2019 also no longer integrates some tools such as OneNote, Access or Publisher, and it also upgrades the cloud feature for better data backup and synchronization. .

  1. Introducing Microsoft Office 2019
    Microsoft Office 2019 has officially been available for users to download and install. Accordingly, the latest office application toolkit is added with a series of new features and improvements, helping users improve work performance more efficiently as well as better security.

  2. Outstanding features of Office 2019
    On Office 2019, Microsoft has added a bunch of new features to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, … . Especially OneNote has been officially “excluded”.

2.1. Text translation support
On Word 2019, Excel 2019 and PowerPoint 2019, the Redmond giant added a new feature called Microsoft Translator, allowing users to translate all or part of the selected text. To access the feature, first open the document file that you need to translate, then find and open the Review tab => click the Translate and Language button.

2.2. Word 2019 supports text-to-speech
The next notable feature on the software giant’s latest Office suite of office applications is Word 2019. Accordingly, the word processing program is added with Focus Mode. , designed to help users focus, less distracted by other applications on the interface.

Besides, Word 2019 also added new Learning tools including: text-to-speech (text-to-speech) tool, text spacing and translation tools. And finally Mac users can now customize the Ribbon.

2.3. Easier email management with Outlook 2019
Similar to Word 2019, Outlook 2019 also adds a new Focus mode called “Focused Inbox”, which helps to optimize the process of managing and composing emails. In particular, users were able to use the “@” command to tag people in email and contact cards.

In addition, Outlook for Windows adds travel and mailing cards. The Mac version has many new email templates, the ability to schedule emails to send Send Later.
Both versions for Windows and Mac include Office 365 Group integration.

2.4. PowerPoint adds many transition effects
PowerPoint 2019 is also improved better, supports displaying and manipulating 3D models and SVG files, the ability to export slide files to 4K UHD video format, new transition effects, … .

2.5. OneNote released as a UWP app
The biggest change on Office 2019 has to be OneNote. Accordingly, OneNote was officially “excluded” on Microsoft’s office suite and released as a standalone application, replacing OneNote 2016 (although OneNote 2016 is still available and supported until 2025).
The new application, called OneNote for Windows 10, includes Ink-to-Text support features, improved synchronization between connected devices better.

2.6. Excel adds new functions
Excel 2019 has also been updated and added a series of new functions, including: new functions (namely CONCAT, IFS, MAXIFS, MINIFS, SWITCH and TEXTJOIN functions), new charting options, support 2D map support.
In addition, the Windows version adds features including Power Pivot, Power Query and the ability to export files to Power BI.

2.7. Freehand drawing with digital pen
In addition to the above features, Office 2019 also adds and supports the freehand drawing feature with Microsoft’s digital pen. Users can take notes or draw, … on their documents, at will.

2.8. Monthly security updates
Finally, security features on Office 2019 will be updated monthly and reduce bandwidth usage.

With such unique features, don’t hesitate to download and own this modern office software for your computer right away.
3. Why upgrade and use Office 2019?
There are many reasons that you should upgrade and use Office 2019. The first reason is to experience and use new features. Moreover, Microsoft is also planning to stop supporting Office 2016 for Mac this year. Specifically, the company will stop supporting connecting Office 365 services using Office 2016 for Mac after October 13, 2020.
In particular, Office 2019 is a “buy 1 time” version, which means that users only need to pay 1 time and use it forever on the computer.


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