Subtitle Edit 3.6.10

Subtitle Edit 3.6.2 beta free download [7/30/2021]

Subtitle Edit 3.6.1
Subtitle Edit 3.6.1

Subtitle Edit 3 is software that can both create and edit subtitles already on your hard drive and add to videos. The program will provide users with a set of reliable and high-quality tools. If you believe the authors of the development and simply reviews on the Internet, then there is a large number of useful tools that can distinguish this product from other analogues, also providing Ability to overlay subtitles on video. Along with Subtitle Edit, you can easily configure subtitles, synchronize them with videos, convert SubRib, MicroDVD and SAMI formats, as well as several others, supporting a total of more than 90 formats different, the program can also use DirectShow or VLC to work, has support for data entry and much more

Subtitle Edit will allow you to apply different types of effects to your subtitles, for example you can add effects of typewriter, karaoke etc, spell check support is also implemented, you can transfer subtitle streams and import ORC subtitles from various video file types. Subtitle Edit Title can combine and split subtitles, you can work with different encodings. It is worth noting that this program is completely free, and it provides you with quite a lot of functions, also has a portable version, does not need to be installed, does not leave any traces on the computer after starting. running, in general, everything is very convenient. Subtitle Edit has a nice user interface.

Features of Subtitle Edit
– Automatically translate subtitles through GoogleTranslate.
– Merge or split subtitles as desired by the user.
– Rip subtitles from DVD for users.

3.6.2 BETA (xth August 2021)
* NEW:
* ASSA: Keep override tags (no conversion to html for italic/font etc.)
* ASSA: Support for ScalingX/ScalingY/Spacing/Angle/Strikeout – thx ausencia
* ASSA: Override tag helper (shortcut + custom templates)
* ASSA: Set/get position
* ASSA: Plugin support
* Allow custom shortcuts for plugins
* Shortcuts for video contrast/brightness (mpv only)
* Add shortcut for opening “Subtitle Edit data folder” (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D)
* Waveform “Right-click + Ctrl” will toggle select of a subtitle
* Waveform “Right-click + Shift” will select a range of subtitles
* Add a few profiles for Amazon Prime
* Add new FCE rule: “Remove first dash in non-dialogs”
* Add “Video – Generate blank video” – thx OmrSi
* Add “Video – Generate video w burned-in sub”
* Update Bulgarian translation – thx Калин
* Update Chinese translation – thx nkh0472
* Update Polish translation – thx admas
* Update Portuguese translation – thx hugok79
* Update Hungarian translation – thx Zityi
* Update Brazil translation – thx Igor
* Update French translation – thx Pierre
* Update Italian translation – thx NAMP
* Update Korean translation – thx domddol
* MPC: Try to search for mpc-be too – thx Fábio
* Shortcut F5 is now “Play selected lines”
* Support read of time codes with format “<number>f” in TTML – thx LeonCheung
* Improve waveform support for SMPTE timing (drop frame) – thx Paulo
* Try to pick best image for bdsup with fading – thx peter-qgd
* Adhere to max number of lines – thx Andrebavila
* Optimize “modify selection – styles”
* Installer: Update Inno Setup from version 5 to version 6
* Installer: Use ngen64 on 64-bit – thx XhmikosR
* Keep selected line (nearest) after “Remove text for HI” – thx Atlantis
* Improve FPC compatibility + PAC refactor – thx ngaullier
* Improve auto br / French regarding “space+punctuation” – thx Norbert
* Make sub preview work with mpv + audio only files – thx Rabia
* Add “[]” characters to PAC Latin – thx Valentin
* Allow hide of “Start time” column – thx ThomasLeigh/darnn
* Fix MergeLinesShorterThan saving/loading – thx uckthis/OmrSi
* Fix load/save some ASSA storage style settings – thx Andrebavila
* Fix for italic in DCinemaSmpte2007/2010/2014 – thx Marko
* Minor fix for “Remove text for HI” – thx igenaya
* Minor fix for split with zero time codes – thx darnn
* Try to fix Tools – Join… with different ASSA styles – thx Joe
* Fix crash in “Continuation style” – thx ivandrofly
* Fix export to “dvd studio stl” – thx nonofx
* Apply duration limit: Only fix “checked” lines – thx PM
* Fix crash in compare – thx Janusz


Subtitle Edit 3.6.2 BETA FREE || 9.2 MB


Subtitle Edit 3.6.1 FREE || 13.0 MB




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