Google Earth Pro 7

Google Earth Pro Final version 8/30/2021

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro 7 comes with the same features and imagery included in Google Earth, as well as an enhanced suite of options designed for business users, more specifically distance, area and 3D measurements, multiple layers, and video recording options.

Google Earth is a 3D computer program that allows users to view Earth rendered images created by satellite imagery.

Users can view landscapes and cities from their computers and experience the world like never before.

From an overview of the entire globe to your own street view, explore almost anywhere in the modern world with Google Earth.

Whether on your phone or computer, Google Earth lets you see the world with just a few clicks.

Explore the modern world

Google Earth began as a program that could be used in areas such as real estate, intelligence, defense and urban planning but quickly became more.

Now everyone with access to a computer or smartphone has access to a world where any previous map couldn’t match.

Google Earth uses satellite imagery superimposed on a digital globe. This means users can effectively navigate the world with quick search on Google.

A realistic look

Unlike typical GPS navigation applications that create a computer view . That creates city streets, Google Earth creates application interfaces through the use of real photos.

From overview images taken from satellites to street view taken by Google self-driving cars, every space recorded and then layered to create a virtual image of the Earth.

Measuring and drawing tools

The program allows you to calculate the distance in feet, miles, kilometers, acres and other units of measurements.

In addition, you can perform area and radius measurements, determine the height of a building, and measure viewsheds.

Working with data layers

Google Earth Pro Portable enables you to research properties by zooming in to view parcel boundaries . And get information about the price sold, zoning, square feet and other details.

Demographic data is shown on thematic maps, more specifically media age, income. And education level for your state, country, census tract or block group.

The viewshed tool can used for detecting and calculating viewpoints, measuring distances.

And analyzing a 360’ line of sight with a color code 3D view mode. Plus, you can visualize historic traffic trends on the globe.

Importing options

Google Earth Pro gives you the possibility to import ESRI Shape (SHP), MapInfo (TAB), and Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files, add large image files that automatically optimized, and split images into tiles.

You can import addresses from CSV files and generate thematic maps with custom color, title and height.

Publish and share data

The application lets you record and save 3D imagery in real time.

The video streams can export to WMV or AVI file format. Or saved as images, and may follow the camera viewpoint to and from multiple locations.

Plus, you can publish data on a website or send it via email.

Maps can created directly from Google Earth Pro, and may include legends, HTML, directional indicators, scales and titles.

You can print or export the maps to PDF or an image format. Projects may saved to KML file format.

The perfect map tool for business users

All in all, Google Earth Pro is all worthy of your attention in case you interested in premium high resolution images.

Batch geocode addresses, demographic, parcel and traffic data layers, movie creation, polygon or circle measurement tools, viewshed utility, as well as map making feature.

FEATURES pro version

Google Earth automatically downloads images and other data needed by the user from the Internet, saving them to the computer’s memory and on the hard disk for further use.

The downloaded data saved on disk and on subsequent launches of the program only the data is downloaded, allowing for significant traffic savings.
Users can create their own tags and place their images on the satellite
Has the function of measuring distance.
View map geolocations on Google Earth
Zoom the image on the map.
View data layers by demographic, land, and road congestion.
Advanced GIS data import capabilities.
Measure the area, length and circumference of the land.
Print screenshots in high resolution.
Create stunning offline movies.

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