Wireshark 3.5

Wireshark 3.5.0

Wireshark 3 (aka Ethereal) is a network protocol analyzer that allows you to capture and examine data from a live network or from a capture file on disk. You can interactively browse capture data and view information.

Summary and details for each package. So Wireshark has some powerful features, including a rich display filter language . Beside the ability to view the reconstructed stream of a TCP session.

First wireshark is the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer. Beside It used for troubleshooting, analysis, development and education.

What’s new

Many improvements have been made. So See “New features and updates”
section below for more details.

New features and updates

The following features are new (or have been significantly updated) since version 3.4.0:

Beside Windows installers now shipped with Npcap 1.50.

So Windows PortableApps 64-bit package is available.

Besides The macOS Arm 64 (Apple Silicon) package is now available.

Or closed handshake, a payload, in any combination.

Beside It  accessed using the new tcp.completeness filter.

• Non-serialized Protobuf fields (missing capture file) can now displayed with default values ​​by setting the new ‘add_default_value’ option. Beside default value can explicitly declared in file ‘proto2’ or false for bools, first value  for numeric type.

• Wireshark now supports reading Event Tracking for Windows (ETW). Beside a new extcap named ETW reader has created that can now etl files, convert all events in the file to a DLT_ETW packet, and write to a specified FIFO destination.

Additionally, a new packet disassembler created to parse DLT_ETW packets . . So Wireshark can display the DLT_ETW packet header, its message.


• “DCCP Stream Tracking” feature for filtering and extraction
content of DCCP streams.

• Wireshark now supports parsing rtp packets with OPUS
row block.

• It is also now possible to import snapshots from text files based on regular expressions. By specifying a capture regex that includes a capture group for related fields a text file can converted to a libpcap capture file.

The supported data encodings are pure hexadecimal, -octal, -binary and base64. Also timestamp format now allows second fractions to placed anywhere in the timestamp . So it will stored in nanoseconds instead of microsecond precision.

• Display filter character strings can now be specified using raw string syntax, similar to raw strings in the Python programming language.

So This is useful to avoid the complexity of using levels of escape characters with regular expressions.

• Significant RTP Player improvements and redesign (see Wireshark. User Documentation, Broadcast VoIP Calls [1] and RTP Player)

The program, can read capture files from tcpdump (libpcap), NAI Sniffer (compressed and uncompressed), Sniffer Pro, NetXray, snoop, Shomiti Surveyor, AIX s iptrace.

Microsoft Network Monitor, Novell s LANalyzer, RADCOM s WAN/LAN Analyzer, HP-UX nettl, ISDN4BSD. So Cisco IDS security iplog, pppd log (pppdump format) .

And AG/Wildpacket group Etherpeek. Wireshark can also read the traces generated from Lucent/Ascend WAN routers and Toshiba ISDN routers.
Any of these files can be compressed with gzip and Wireshark will decompress them on the fly.

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