WinNTSetup 5WinNTSetup 5.3.1

WinNTsetup 5 is one of the utilities that personalizes the steps of installing Windows 7, 10, 8 before installing on the computer with the default language being English and providing many features such as system optimization, support fix FAT32 formatted boot partition and work well on most versions of Windows operating system.

The first point to emphasize is that downloading WinNTSetup is only for users with certain computer knowledge and experience. You need to browse the WIM image you want to use, even with a WIM, SWM or ESD file, or right-click the “Search” button to browse and download the ISO file.


WinNTSetup displays a list of all Windows versions supported by the file, and provides improved features that are applied to the newly created Windows installer. In other words, the utility allows you to disable the lock screen of Windows 8, the logon animation of Windows 8 or disable the transparent screen of Aero. You can also remove arrows from shortcuts or remove the “Shortcut to” string when a new shortcut is created.

Main features of WinNTSetup:

  • Personalize Windows settings.
  • Supports multiple versions of Windows.
  • Many improved features

What are the advantages of installing windows with WinNT ?


You can install this UEFI standard win on any platform, no matter it’s a 32bit platform or a 64bit platform.
No need to think much about whether your USB is UEFI or Legacy boot.
You can optionally adjust the size of the EFI partition.
Finally, creating a Ghost or Backup version of the setup is extremely suitable.

WinNTsetup v5.24
WinNTsetup v5.24

WinNT 5.3.1 free || 1.4 MB


Also you can download Rufus 3.18.1877 final


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