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COolmuster Mobile Transfer
COolmuster Mobile Transfer

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer 2.4

Have no idea about how to copy data from an old phone to a new one since they are coming from different manufacturers? Mobile Transfer is an outstanding tool to help you move data from one device to another without damage.

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer  Features
Directly Move Content between Different Smartphones: Switching to a new phone and falling into the trouble of how to transfer data from the old phone to the new one? Make it an easy transition with the help of Coolmuster Mobile Transfer, which empowers you with the ability to transfer overall data between two mobile phones (Click to learn how to transfer photos between two Android phones).

Merge Content in One Click: Whenever you decide to switch from your old mobile phone to the brand-new smartphone, or just tired of the old phone that you have used for years and decide to experience another mobile platform, Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is always your best choice to sync data between two phones, even if they are running different OSes, such as the most popular iOS and Android.

Backup Your Phone to Computer Outright (Coming Soon!): Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is not just a simple data mobile phone data transfer program, it also allows you to perform a fast and full backup process of the data from your phone to computer, no matter you are using Android or iOS phone/tablet.

This app helps you transfer various pieces of data from one smartphone to another with the help of an intuitive and easy to use interface

Switching smartphones is a hassle for most, especially if you happen to also change operating systems at the same time. Regardless, how could you make life easier if you did find yourself in this situation? The answer is Coolmuster Mobile Transfer.

Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is a neatly organized application. You get that feeling right from the moment you start it. It does not have useless menus, nor does it have unlimited options. For this type of program, there is little you need apart from it to fulfill its promised functionality.

From the main screen, you can simultaneously follow the connected devices. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, though you should know that for iOS devices to connect properly, you need to install iTunes beforehand.

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Once all the required drivers and auxiliary programs are in place, Mobile Transfer does magic. It is very easy to use and it connects almost instantly. There do not seem to be any hangups or slowdowns during usage.

It should be noted, though, that sometimes displayed images are not true to the actual connected devices. You might have plugged in an iPad but the image is of an iPhone 5.

Other aspects
The application is lightweight, but it does not, under any circumstances, sacrifice functionality. The same goes for its looks. While simplistic, Mobile Transfer also looks modern, even trendy.

From contacts to media, the application seems to be able to transfer most categories of important data one might want to move around from one device to the other.

To sum up, if you are looking for an application that can help you transfer your data from one handheld to another, quickly and easily, then Coolmuster has the answer for you in the form of their Mobile Transfer app.

It should also be noted that there are a huge amount of functionality updates promised for the following versions of the application, something that may potentially raise its value, provided you want to purchase it.

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