MathType 7 supports teachers, pupils and students to compose math formulas quickly before inserting into documents MS Office, OpenOffice, Gmail, TeX, LaTeX, MathML, etc. …

It gives users a perfect and time-saving choice as well as improves accuracy in the fields of study and research.

MathType 7 is a mathematical notation and math formula editor for office applications such as math equations for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, elearning and for documents. Data TeX, LaTeX and MathML. MathType will be of great help to your work and study.

When integrating MathType into office software, you can easily create symbols or formulas in Math which will save a lot of time and increase work efficiency.

MathType teachers, students, students or anyone else can easily manipulate MathType, just select the math symbol and copy it to another text. In addition, MathType provides users with more than 1000 math symbols and Euclidean spatial geometry symbols to assist you.

MathType 7 Features
MathType is integrated with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Apple Pages to quickly add both the simplest and most advanced equations and formulas to your documents.
It works with more than 800 applications, software, websites.
Support import, export, easy integration into many XML publishing processes.
Convert and format all equations of a Word document easily, with a single command.
LaTeX support

Formula templates and icons are available in a well organized toolbar.
It is possible to customize the list, add new functions to it, and remove other functions if you want.
MathType 7 is easy to customize with a variety of customizations.
Drag your commonly used formulas into the toolbar to save them so you can reuse them quickly.
Customize keyboard shortcuts to align with the way you use MathType.
Customize the style of formulas: font, size, spacing.


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And Customize output translators for compatibility with other software and web applications.
Choose fonts, colors, and sizes according to your preference or style guide.
Choose from a list of predefined styles that make it easy to format expressions to align with accepted standards.
The fastest way to enter a formula in a touch screen calculator.
Inking is only available in Windows because it uses the Microsoft Math Input Console, which is available in Windows 7 or later.
Easy to install and uninstall.
Detects if Microsoft Office is installed and, if so, automatically adds a tab to the ribbon in Word and PowerPoint.
We as content editors will always provide the latest Key MathType 2020, always updated with new versions that work 100%.

MathType 7 allows users to perform Copy and Pase operations. With this math formula software you can copy the formula in the software to paste into another editor, or you can also copy a formula in a certain text and then pase into the software to edit.

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