WinTools Zip Express 2

WinTools Zip Express final [8/28/2021]

WinTools Zip Express
Wintools zip Express 2 is a good program that helps you to search zip codes and their associated cities, giving you additional information like time zone or area code.

After a quick installation and launch, a rather compact window opens in front of us, but its size can be changed to get a clearer picture of what’s going on.

The top toolbar provides quick access to the main menus and several search criteria. So it all depends on your search knowledge, assuming you can search by city or by state. state, county – these are just a few of the categories you can search, each leading to the same results and updating as you type.

You paste ZIP Code information directly into your Windows applications. You then press the hotkey while in your word processor and the ZIP Code input box appears.

Then enter your ZIP Code and the city, state and ZIP Code entered right into your word processor.

Regardless of the search method used, results are displayed as you type. If there are several regions and you are not sure about the selection, do not remember the data you need to specify
The program will open you one of the most frequently used web pages to display a map of the areas of your selected recording. So there you can poke where it is needed. All in all, ZIP Express is a convenient assistant when you have to work with localized data.
Accurate information is provided as you type, plus a user-friendly interface . That allows you to navigate quickly and a map option that only expands available functions.
With the ZIP Code information displayed, press the Map button and with an Internet connection view a map of the location.

When creating formats to paste directly into the program, include common key combinations such as the tab key . OR  the backtab key to navigate between fields.

Overview of the features of WinTools Zip Express 2

Selectable options for what data to show
View large groups of ZIP and area code data
View data narrowed as you type
Put in the system tray or set it “always on top”
ZIP and area code data updated 4 times a year and is available for free download
Automatically paste data and commands directly into your application via “hotkeys”
Send data to the printer in any format
Copy data to clipboard in any format
Contains dialing and time zone information for over 240 different countries
Show current time for many cities around the world
Look up dialing codes to call people in cities around the world
Search by Zip Code, City, State, County or Area Code
Shows current time for any location in the US – Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time

Specifications and system requirements

Supported operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
Free hard disk space: 200 MB or more

WinTools Zip Express full || 20.6 MB


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