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Windows PC Health Check 2.9 free final version [8/28/2021]

Windows PC Health Check 2.3
Windows PC Health Check 2.3
Windows PC Health Check 2 gives you quick access to the health of your computer and can check if you can run Windows 11.

PC Health Check tells you the available memory, RAM, hard drive, and age of your PC. You can view storage percentage, boot time, last Windows Update, and backup and sync status.

When we added Windows PC Health Check, it wasn’t as much as the System Information tools. But it’s an easy way to see if your computer can run Windows 11. (Hint: If you’re using Windows 10 , it may have). Click Check Now, here you see About Windows 11.

What you need to know

Microsoft has fixed the Windows 11 PC Health Check app.
Right now, the app can show false negatives, indicating that a PC can’t upgrade to Windows 11.
The app update now tells you why your PC does not meet the requirements of Windows 11.

With Windows 11 officially on the way, many people want to know if their PC will be able to upgrade. To help people out, Microsoft launched the PC Health Check app. It allows people to see if their system meets the minimum Windows 11 requirements. Unfortunately, the app has run into some issues.

The Health Check app sometimes shows people a false failure, meaning it says a system won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 11 even though it meets the minimum requirements. Even if a PC actually falls short of the requirements, it’s difficult to determine why.

The PC Health Check app doesn’t list a specific reason that a PC won’t be able to upgrade.
Dispensa explains that Microsoft will improve the app over the coming weeks. He adds that its first update could arrive tomorrow, June 26, 2021.

The minimum requirements for Windows 11 have caused some confusion and frustration. A minimum requirement of TPM 2.0 has some PC gamers worried, and others are concerned about 6th and 7th Gen Intel chips being able to upgrade.

There are some differences between soft floor and hard floor requirements, but for the average consumer, that information causes more confusion than clarity.

An updated PC Health Check app that clearly, and correctly, indicates if a system will be able to upgrade would go a long way.

It would also be nice to see specific feedback as to why a system fails, as certain components could be tweaked or replaced.

Windows PC Health Check 2.9 free || 7.1 MB


Windows PC Health Check 2.3 free || 14.4 MB


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