Everyone Piano 2.4.1

Everyone Piano free download [1/28/2022]

Everyone Piano
Everyone Piano

Everyone Piano 2 is a useful free software to learn piano that both supports learning with a virtual keyboard and can be used with an external keyboard, connected to an external MIDI keyboard or an electronic organ. It supports accompaniment and rhythm, allows to arrange notes, adjust playing speed, record, playback songs, transform and adjust octaves…

With a powerful timbre database, Everyone Piano’s tunes are lifelike and real-time. Even on the onboard sound card, Everyone Piano can achieve real-time musical performance, while it also simulates the pedals of the piano.

Everyone Piano can customize the keyboard, play halftone, record support, playback, music score display, inflexion and octave. Besides all the above features, Everyone Piano also has demos and music lessons. Everyone Piano saves everything for you, it’s not only free, but it also supports a lot of music scores for learning.

Everyone Piano Features and Functions

Support split keyboard, two hands play.
Supports automatic accompaniment, rhythm packing and synchronization.
Connect an external MIDI keyboard or electronic organ.
Customize your keyboard’s note layout.
Dynamic interface switching.
Support stave and numbering learning musical notation.
Adjust play speed.
Support loading Vsti audio database.
Support onboard sound card, play in time.
Simulate the pedals of a piano.
Customizable keyboard and semitone support.
Supports recording, playback, music score display, inflexion and octave.
Comes with demo and music teaching.
Comes with dozens of educational and entertainment plug-ins.

Everyone Piano FREE || 6.6 MB


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