AVG Internet Security 21.11.3215AVG Internet Security 21.11.3215
AVG Internet Security 21.11.3215
AVG Internet Security 21.11.3215
AVG Internet Security 2021 integrates effective anti-virus and malware protection and protects your online activities. It integrates the most modern technologies in preventing spam and other forms of online fraud, spyware and hackers from stealing data, keeping important information safe. of the user.

It is rated as one of the most effective anti-virus software on the market today, used by many people for the purpose of keeping online activities safe. AVG Internet Security provides comprehensive system scanning, multiple scanning modes to select and blocks all threats from both on the Internet and on the computer to provide the best protection for your operating system. friend.

AVG Internet Security integrates scanning tools and multiprocessing support with components: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Web Protection & Firewall to protect your system from threats from Viruses, Hackers, Spywares, Roguewares, Dialers, Riskwares and many other types of malicious code hidden on the system and many sources from the Internet.

Highlights of AVG Internet Security 2021:

– Improved malware detection and detection: AVG 2021 protects computers. PC from the latest malware
– Updated real-time device protection with new AI, timely updated cloud-based database, helping to identify the latest malware version and isolate and handle these types of malware timely
AVG Internet Security has a fast scanning speed that greatly saves time in scanning for viruses, and promptly warns you about malicious access and prevents them from causing harm to the system in time. New viruses and particles are also detected and prevented.
AVG Internet Security also supports an efficient firewall system to provide users with the best protection. This program works completely gently on the system and does not affect much computer memory.
Main features of AVG Internet Security:
– It Prevent viruses and malicious elements.

Viruses, spyware and hackers are always threats to any computer system. If these malicious components attack the computer, the consequences will be disastrous. AVG Internet Security meets all your system protection needs through its powerful scanning feature and disables them upon detection.

  • Data security.

AVG Internet Security also helps protect all the data on your computer, avoiding all kinds of unnecessary errors caused by malicious attacks. You will rest assured to surf the web and share information with friends in a completely safe computing environment.

  • It Prevent spam and online scammers.

The built-in AVG Anti-Spam engine helps you check the validity and safety of all email communications, completely blocking spam and virus links.

  • Protection of personal information.

AVG Internet Security has the ability to delete sensitive files . When you visit the web and can not be recovered by any tool, and encrypt and store important personal data for users.

  • It Prevent spying and data theft.

The app’s tools can help you control who can see and use what you do online. It protecting your personal identity . And data such as Web site login passwords, card numbers credit, bank accounts, prevent tracking and data theft.

  • Software Increase computer performance and speed up Web browsing.

AVG Internet Security thoroughly scans for viruses and ensures the speed . And stability of your computer, and helps you surf the web safer and more efficiently.

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