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ProfiCAD 11.4.1 free download [2/2/2022]

ProfiCAD 11.4.1
ProfiCAD 11.4.1
ProfiCAD 11 is a Software Program for drawing schematics and schematic diagrams of electrical and electronic circuits with many user support features.

It will trace the various control circuits then make it possible for you to design a wide range of engineering diagrams, such as pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams.

One of the obvious features of this product is its simplicity. Simple in toolbar and icons represent parts. Simply arrange menus, simply place items on the screen and connect them together.

All these tasks can be done easily in this program. You simply select the element from the toolbar or drag it to the screen. Then use the wire to match the desired parts to complete the circuit.

Features of ProfiCAD software

Supports automatic numbering of symbols, generation of network lists, wire lists, bills of materials, striped wire drawings and more advanced features.
The program supports cross-references between strings and between symbols belonging to a component
ProfiCAD comes with thousands of standard electronic and electrical symbols, plus you can define the symbols you need and use in other projects.
The elements you place on the screen will automatically shift numbers. At any time, you can create different types of network listings with just one click. Get a list of wires, materials used and other information.
For complex circuits, you can draw on several pages. Don’t worry, the wiring is not compatible with dividing the circuit in separate pages.
By clicking on the link markers you can see the rest of the circuit on other pages. Another feature of this program is its low CPU, memory and hard drive usage. For this reason, even older systems can install and run this program.
This program is carried out in accordance with the standards of ISO 7200 and can be considered as scientifically valid certification.

ProfiCAD 11.4.1 FULL || 11.7 MB


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